4 Skip Tracing Methods Process Servers Use

4 Skip Tracing Methods Process Servers Use

Skip tracing is a crucial method NYC process servers use to locate individuals who cannot be found at their given addresses. This method entails gathering as much information about the person as possible, then analyzing, reducing, and using that data to locate the individual.

It involves searching through various databases, public records, and other sources to track the person’s current whereabouts. When used correctly, these methods allow process servers to find an individual and deliver important legal documents.

Keep reading to learn about the skip tracing methods used by experienced process servers.

Public Records Search

A public records search is a common starting point for process servers when they begin their skip tracing efforts. Essentially, these records are a treasure trove of information available to the public, covering everything from marriage and business licenses to property records and court cases.

The information in these records can help the process server create a clearer image of the person they’re trying to locate. For instance, a new business license could suggest a recent location change, while property records could provide clues about possible residences.

NYC process servers are experts at sifting through this wealth of information to narrow down and pinpoint the individual’s current whereabouts.

Credit Report Analysis

Analyzing a credit report is another method that process servers use to trace an individual. A credit report usually contains valuable details about a person’s financial activities.

This might include data about credit card usage, loans, and even details about regular bill payments. This financial trail can often lead process servers to the current location of the individual they are trying to find.

For example, if someone has recently purchased a new car or taken out a loan for a house, these actions would appear on their credit report. These transactions can provide hints about where the person is currently residing.

Process servers are skilled at interpreting and using this information to locate individuals. They can decipher patterns and connections in the data, which helps them to trace the person’s movements and current location.

Vehicle Registration Checks

Vehicle registration checks serve as another powerful tool in the skip tracing process. If the person being searched for owns a car, motorbike, or any other type of vehicle, their registration details can often lead process servers directly to their current address.

This is because whenever someone buys a vehicle, they must register it with the local authorities, including their address. So, in simple terms, NYC process servers can often find the most recent address given by the person they’re trying to locate by examining vehicle registration records.

Online Investigations

The Internet is like a massive library full of information about people. Experienced process servers often use social media, online databases, and search engines to find clues about a person’s location. By conducting thorough online investigations, they can usually piece together an individual’s current whereabouts and make successful service attempts.

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