About us

The beginning of our firm is humble. It started as a part-time endeavor of Joe Staropoli, Who started Process Serving in a family friends office.  While unknown to Joe at the time, His future partner, Dan Crespo, also start process serving shortly after graduating college.  Both leaders in their field, they grew their own offices and over 20 years ago met and formed a strong friendship.

From this friendship, they knew instantly that with their combined experience and knowledge each on their own, were a formidable business, but combined, they were unstoppable in their passion to help their clients and create a company that would lead NYC in Process Serving Services.

Central to this is the steadfast learning processes of the industry, dedication, hard work and commitment to excellence within the field of Process Serving. With our combined experience of over fifty years, we offer process serving services that are no doubt the best in the tri-state area, if not the country.

More Importantly, the firm was founded on friendships and strong business relations. Through this, clients are able to get quality services. This has been the company’s philosophy to this day.

Services we Offer

We lead; others follow. We have been offering Process Serving Services for a combined 50+ years and have incorporated all the services you might need. Some of our legal services include:

We serve summons and complaints, subpoenas, orders to show cause, citations, non-payment and eviction notices, motions, in all types of legal actions – landlord and tenant, foreclosure, collection, personal injury, surrogate court matter, family court, matrimonial, contracts.

We ensure that the required documentation reaches the intended party. So, we make personal deliveries or through any other legally recognized channels. We accommodate all sorts of legal needs giving personal attention to every client.

We have a long history and can look back and confidently say that we have not only seen everything but also experienced it all. We literary have solutions for any process serving situation that arises. Our clients always come back when they need our services. We still serve clients we served well over twenty years ago.

Our customers always have something positive to say about us. Look at these reviews:

“Our law office has used Preferred Process Servers, Inc. since it inception for our legal service needs. Our relationship with its founder, Mr. Joseph Staropoli, dates back at least ten years. Mr. Staropoli and his team have always come through with deadlines, preparation of affidavits of services and timely filings. Billing rates are fair and we have never had a problem with billing disputes. We look forward to a long lasting working relationship.”

Coritsidis, Sotirakis & Saketos, PLLC

“Preferred Process Servers, Inc. is fast, reliable and professional. They always go above and beyond making sure our needs are always met, especially for rush serves that require expedited service. The company is exceptionally organized, responsive and consistently work in a timely fashion with service of documents and court filings. Most importantly, the process servers have the experience, qualification and knowledge on the law.’

Stephanie Lagoudis

“We have been using Preferred Servers company for many years. Our firm has used Preferred to file and serve Court documents in all counties, and to serve parties nationwide.

Their staff is very courteous and very responsive to all of our court filings, process serving and delivery needs. We would not consider working with any other process service.”

Sacco & Fillas, LLP

“Joe Staropoli has been serving all my legal documents for over ten years. I would highly recommend PPS for all your process serving needs. Joe and his associates are affordable, reliable and extremely knowledgeable of the legal requirements for serving all of types of legal documents. Not to mention they are genuinely nice guys!!!”

Even Baltrunas, Esq.

“We just wanted to thank you for your past, present and continued service. Our law firm went through many process servers until we found you. Since we have been introduced to each other, the service has been outstanding in every respect. You have been fast when needed, reliable, accurate and experienced in every area of the law. You have provided an excellent service at a lower price. We have been highly recommending you and will continue to do so.”

Ginsburg & Misk, LLP

“I have been using this company for all my personal service needs, but that’s not all they do. They file all our court documents and the turn around time and process time is reliable and fast. They pick up and deliver all work at no extra cost. Affidavits are accurately and neatly done, and if any problems occur they make sure to put you on notice to get the job done correctly. Whether they are filing summons, affidavits of service, serving corporations or out of town defendants, they get the job done. The friendly, knowledgeable staff only makes things easier. Dan, Al, Joe & Diana make the process of serving easy.”

Shaevitz, Shaevitz & Kotzamis

“When it comes to the service of my documents, Preferred Process Servers is my preferred choice. They provide professional service that is timely and that follows the letter to the law. I simply will choose no other. They are the best.”

Maple Rose, ESQ.