Delivering Justice: 4 Legal Documents Handled By Process Servers

Delivering Justice: 4 Legal Documents Handled By Process Servers

Delivering justice is an essential part of our legal system, and process servers play a significant role in this system. Process servers deliver important legal documents to individuals or organizations involved in court cases.

A process server in NY must be knowledgeable about the laws governing the service of process and have excellent communication skills to ensure that these documents are delivered accurately and on time.

Are you curious about the legal documents that process servers handle? If so, keep reading.

Summons and Complaint Documents

A summons and complaint are the initial documents a process server in NY delivers to someone involved in a lawsuit. It informs them of the legal action being taken against them and provides details such as the name of the court, the parties involved, and a brief description of what is being contested.

The summons serves as an official notice that the recipient needs to appear in court or submit a response to the complaint. The complaint, usually filed by the plaintiff (the person bringing the lawsuit), explains why they are suing and what damages they seek.

Divorce Papers

Divorce papers notify an individual of their spouse’s intent to end the marriage and include information about the divorce process. They are usually served by a third party, such as a process server, to ensure that the recipient receives them promptly.

Divorce papers typically include details like:

  • The reason for the divorce
  • How assets and debts will be divided
  • Alimony or child support payments
  • Information about the division of property

Do you need to serve your spouse with divorce papers? Hire one of our process servers to handle this job.

Eviction Notices

Eviction notices are another type of legal document that process servers deliver. These notices notify tenants that they must vacate the premises within a certain period or face eviction. The notice should include the reason for the eviction and information about rights and remedies available to tenants.

Before a tenant is evicted, the landlord must follow the laws established by the state. Process servers handle this process from start to finish, ensuring tenants receive the notice promptly and know their rights.

A Process Server In NY Can Delivery Child Custody Papers

Child custody papers are legal documents that notify parents or guardians of the child regarding any changes to their custodial rights. These documents outline the terms and conditions of a child custody agreement.

They provide information on who can make decisions for the child, such as medical and educational decisions. They also specify which parent has primary custody of the child and any visitation rights that may be granted. 

Process servers in NY are responsible for delivering these documents to their intended recipients – usually the parents or guardians of the child.

Let Us Deliver Your Legal Documents

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