Different Types of Legal Documents Served by a Process Server

Different Types of Legal Documents Served by a Process Server

A certified process server in Queens is hired to locate and deliver legal documents to people who are defended. From writs to the summons, there are different types of legal documents that can be served. The official court documents served to the person of interest is called as ‘process.’ Here is a list of different types of documents served by a process server.


The legal order issued by the court, in writing, is called writs. The five different types of writs,

  • Habeas Corpus
  • Mandamus
  • Certiorari
  • Prohibition and
  • The Writ of Quo-Warranto

The purpose of serving writs is to inform the receiving party that they’re being summoned to court for a particular reason. An American citizen has the right to be notified of any court proceedings that are being carried out against them.


A type of write, the subpoena is a written order that summons a person to appear in front of the court to defend their case. The two different types of subpoenas in the US legal system are,

  • Subpoena ad testificandum
  • Plaintiff and subpoena duces tecum


This written statement outlines a breach of an agreement or unsatisfactory terms against a specific party.


Summons is a written order delivered to make the person informed about their need to appear in court before a judge or magistrate and defend their case. The three types of summonses are,

  • Citation
  • Civil summons and
  • Administrative summons

The process servers are also entitled to serve the following documents:

  • Divorce Petitions
  • Summons or Claim forms
  • Statutory Demands
  • Bankruptcy Petitions or Winding Up Petitions
  • Freezing Orders
  • Legal Documents
  • Subpoenas
  • Writs
  • Family proceedings
  • Prohibited Steps Orders
  • Specific Issue Orders
  • Contact Orders

A professional process server in Queens ensures that the legal documents are served efficiently and accurately to prevent any legal delays from occurring.

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