Electronic Filing Services and Other Necessities

Electronic Filing Services and Other Necessities

There are a number of things that we do for legal firms, as you can see on our website. Process serving and skip tracing get us out in the field trying to achieve objectives in terms of what needs to happen for court processes. Our specialized experience helps us to be an effective agent for our clients, and get the results that are going to protect their operational integrity in the eyes of the law and the general legal community. 


But we also do a large amount of electronic filing for customers. How does this work?


Like a Notary


Essentially, you can sign up and register to have us file documents for you electronically to court offices…


In a lot of ways, it’s like a notary that takes a motorist’s information and puts it in a format to deliver it to a state DMV office, or works on behalf of some party to prove something to an outside auditor, 


Drivers who have had problems dealing with the state directly understand that they can use these convenient and affordable options to get assistance with these kinds of requirements. That’s sort of like how law firms outsource the tough process server work and electronic filing to us. 


The Process


First of all, as mentioned, it is important to register with us in the correct way to get electronic filing assistance.


Then, too, it’s also important to look at whether you may need to keep hard copies on hand for some reason.


Then there’s the procedural detail that’s important; for instance, we work with statute of authorization or SOA and note of commencement processes to make sure that the electronic filings themselves are properly done, and that the context supports good legal work. 


In a way, we put so much detail and quality into these services partly because the legal field is such a professional and exacting environment (and also because that’s what our clients rightly expect!). There’s no room for error in the law, and in the law firms that we serve. Busy attorneys and paralegals understand this, and they make us a go-to for some of the busywork that needs to be done, and done right, to achieve those outcomes that the client needs.


If you’re a legal firm that is under the gun, behind the eight ball or going through the meat grinder (choose your metaphor) talk to us about outsourcing some of the important tasks that will get you closer to your desired state as a business, at a time when this stuff matters more than ever! Be a part of innovation that meets the challenges that law firms deal with, each and every day, as they work to ensure that their own clients’ voices are heard in a court of law.