Electronic Filing

You don’t need to go to the courts anymore to do the filing process. All you need is contact us via mail or fax the court fee together with the complaint or summons and we will do the electronic filing for you.

Various counties in the state of New York have compulsory or voluntary electronic directives. The target of the state is to have an electronic filing in every state and therefore the list is filling up each moment.

There are tons of advantages this brings to attorneys and some of them include:

  • With limitation statute problem they can still file on the same day until 11.59 pm
  • The documents that are originally signed are not a requirement since scanning is available
  • The adversary and attorney correspond electronically and therefore sending mail is unnecessary
  • It is time-saving since it does not involve movement from office to office to do the filing

We have taken the initiative to register for electronic filing as a third party. The motivation behind this is the clients who rely on us for process serving and court filing.

Our Requirement from Customers In Order to do Electronic Filing

An attorney needs to register first before they start filing electronically. The registration is done by filling a form online. This happens on the website of New York State Courts Electronic Filing (NYSCEF). You can contact the NYSCEF directly through a call in case you encounter trouble registering.

Once you have submitted your documents to the NYSCEF system it is not necessary that you submit hard copies. In most instances, they will be returned back to you. However, you should take note that some judges will require that you avail working copies. So you need to do your homework on this to provide copies when needed.

Also, you should not expect stamped copies from the NYSCEF. Your copy that is stamped will be availed in the detail list of documents immediately you have paid the fee requirements and submitted your documents. Cover letters are also unneeded. If you include one you will definitely get your documents back for correction so that you can remove it.

There are two options of Statement of Authorization (SOA) for electronic filing. You can choose any of the two statements depending on what you want. This includes either for an employee of the firm or as an attorney in charge of other attorneys in an agency or firm. Our requirement is one Statement of Authorization from the law firm or attorney to enable us to file electronically.

To purchase index numbers we require the following:

If it is compulsory to do electronic filing we will need a notice of commencement or a notice for indicating the availability of E filing. Any of the documents should come together with the legal procedure.

You will also need to submit a particular fee requesting for judicial intervention, index number and the rest. This fee is payable to us. We can advance this for you and charge a nominal fee for the services we give.

Please Refer to NYS E-file Page  https://iapps.courts.state.ny.us/nyscef/HomePage