Hiring a Process Server – Questions to Ask!

Hiring a Process Server – Questions to Ask!

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Hiring a legal process server can improve the strength of your case. The process server you choose ensures that proper service of process takes place. The service of process includes serving notifications and documents to the concerned parties involved in a case of legal action. Service of process also involves calling on witnesses to testify, making sure to subpoena the evidence, and more. Without proper service of process, your case could be delayed or even derailed.

How Many Times Will You Attempt Service?

An excellent process server will make several attempts to serve the papers. If the process server is unsuccessful, they will do some research to find where the defendant now lives. The process server will also locate where the defendant works, or other locations that they might be able to serve process. Special process server will make many attempts and do quite a bit of research before giving up.

Do You Take Special Requests?

Do you know for sure when your defendant will be at home or work? Sometimes the quickest way to get papers served is to have a process server willing to work with the schedule you are aware of, so they can catch the defendant at home or their place of employment. Not all the certified process servers operate outside of business hours, so make sure the process server you choose is willing to do so to accommodate specific time or date requests.

What Is Your Success Rate?

No process server can 100 percent guarantee that they will be able to serve papers successfully. There are no guarantees when it comes to the serving process. The higher the process server’s success rate, the more likely it will be that they will be able to handle your case appropriately. Don’t expect a 100 percent success rate, but it should be reasonably high regardless.

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