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  • How Do Process Servers Find Someone?

    How Do Process Servers Find Someone?

    Photo by Rabie Madaci on Unsplash

    When you are looking forward to take a legal action against someone, it is required by the law that they are notified about the charges against them. But reaching them is not an easy task, as most subjects avoid unknown persons that try to reach them, especially when they are expecting to be sued.

    When a to-be defendant is evasive, it is wise to get the help of process server services, who deploy a variety of effective tools to serve the documents from the court. Here are a few ways in which the independent process server uses to catch someone for whom the court notice is to be served –

    • Stakeouts – At times, the special process server conducts extended stakeouts to get acquainted themselves with the subject’s everyday routine with an attempt to catch them. They also use this method as an information gathering tool to get connected with their target easily.
    • Disguising as Delivery Persons – This is also one of the frequently used methods by the process server services. They attempt to deliver pizza or flowers to get in contact with the subject. They simply make delivery attempts and track the location of the subject.
    • Asset Research – Sometimes, it becomes a must to dig deep into the assets of the subject, which might disclose the current location of the person.
    • DMV Records – The subject’s current driving records, the driving license information and the vehicle plate, sometimes exposes the person’s current location details.
    • Occupation information – The process server might perform investigation at the subject’s current workplace and also question the past employers to help trace the location of the subject.

    If you are browsing the internet for ‘private process server near me’ you might get a number of results. But, choose the right process server services carefully, as it requires great diligence and tactful approaches to precisely locate the subject.


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