How To Ensure a Successful Collaboration With a Process Server

How To Ensure a Successful Collaboration With a Process Server

As a lawyer, working with process servers is essential. Process servers in NYC are responsible for delivering legal documents to parties involved in a case, which can be crucial for its success. Therefore, lawyers must take the time to research process servers and learn about their qualifications and services before selecting one to work with.


The number of law firms in the United States grows each year. If you want to give your firm a competitive edge, then working with an experienced process server is a no-brainer. With this help, you can save time and money.


If you want to collaborate successfully with a process server in NYC, consider the useful information below.

Make Sure All Documents Are Signed and Notarized

Once you have identified a process server in NYC to work with, the next step is to ensure that all documents are properly signed and notarized before sending them to the process server. This process is essential for ensuring that all parties involved in the legal process agree and have read and understood the documents. This will also help process servers in NYC to deliver documents quickly and accurately.

Understand the Jurisdiction Legal Documents Are Being Served In

It is also important to clearly understand the process server’s jurisdiction when selecting them for service. Depending on the process server’s geographic location, they may be limited to certain areas where they can operate. Lawyers need to know if process servers in NYC can serve documents in other states. This can be particularly important when out-of-state documents need to be served.


It is also a good idea to ask the process server about their experience and qualifications. Process servers must pass stringent tests to become certified, so they should have the required credentials and skills to perform their job properly.

Provide Detailed Instructions

When collaborating with a process server in NYC, it is important to provide detailed instructions regarding service. This includes specifying the times and places of service when delivering documents. For example, if the process server is serving someone at their home or office, it is essential to note the time frame for the delivery and any specific details about the location.


It is also important to communicate when changes are needed, or documents are not being served as initially instructed. Process servers must know if they should proceed with the original instructions or alter them due to unforeseen circumstances. This will ensure that process servers keep up with their scheduled times and locations for document delivery.

Be Sure To Keep Accurate Records

Keeping accurate records of all attempts at service by the process server is essential for successful collaboration. All details should be noted, including attempts to serve documents, the times and locations of attempted service, and any other pertinent information. Any changes in instructions or delays should also be logged and documented.


By following the tips above, you can establish a great working relationship with a process server.