How to Identify Bogus Process Servers?

How to Identify Bogus Process Servers?

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With so many phone and email scams going around the globe, one area that you need to be aware of is the fake process servers. Most people are not knowledgeable about the legal processes, and they do not know how to react to a court notice when they have a special process server confronting them. This lack of knowledge gives the fraudsters a chance to take advantage of the people during an upsetting situation.

legal process server is entitled to notify a defendant of a forthcoming lawsuit against them, or they might be summoned to be a witness at a trial. However, whatever the reason may be, the defendant has the constitutional right to be notified of the impending action.

How to Spot a Bogus Process Server?

  • The bogus process server will typically ask you to pay them the amount you ought to pay the court of law. They might usually say that they will not come to your home to deliver the papers if you don’t pay them.
  • Another critical thing to note is that most process serving agencies do not give any notification ahead of time, as it will provide time for people to evade the court papers.
  • If the process server has trouble pronouncing your county or city’s name, then it is most probably a scammer. Most litigants usually look through the internet for the terms “private process server near me.” So, the process servers are generally local, and they will know the names of your neighborhoods.
  • A process server will never ask for your social security number. Even if anyone asks for it, never give away your SSN to anyone who requests it, until you trust them.

If you are looking to get a process server’s services, browse through the internet for “private process server near me” and hire the best agency that serves the court documents in a timely and professional manner.

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