What are the don’ts for a legal process server?

A legal process server is entitled to deliver important legal documents to the defendant, and it’s certainly not an easy job. Depending on the location, civil process service has different regulations that help you to stay up to date with state and local laws as they are always changing. So, here we’ve listed a few things that a process server shouldn’t do.

  • When it comes to legal process serving, each state has different rules on how service can be made. So, don’t make guesses on the days services can be made, who can accept service, and how documents are handled. Check out the most current laws if you are unsure of the laws regarding process service.
  • Don’t open the mailbox or go through a stack of mail, even if the stack is in view.
  • You are bound by the laws that prevent you from breaking into and entering a residence or business illegally, even if someone refuses to come to the door or just doesn’t answer.