Know the Job Duties of a Process Server

Know the Job Duties of a Process Server

From filing court papers to serving legal documents, a process server in Queens can perform all types of tasks. Their principal focus is on serving legal documents to the person who is defended and to deliver actual evidence that the legal paper is served. Each individual process server may have a distinctive way of carrying out the service since process serving laws are different in each state.

Why is Process Server Service Important?

The process server services in Queens are used to ensure that the due process of law is upheld and makes sure that legal papers are served in a highly effective and appropriate fashion. If the defendant or the person who is accused of is not legally made aware of it, the court is not able to rule on a case relating to that individual.

The Different Roles of a Process Server

  • A process server finds and delivers legal documents to a person who is having a legal action against them. This is an essential role as the person who is supposed to show up at a courthouse must be served with certain legal papers. If the paper is not served, it leads to delay of the trial or the case can be even thrown out by the judge.
  • Performs a little detective work and research to find the person, particularly if the person is intentionally avoiding being served.
  • They work at different times of the day to locate the person being charged.

Steps Involved in Serving Legal Documents

  • The legal documents must be served in a public place.
  • The person must accept that they are the one mention in the legal document.
  • The process server must get a signature from the individual stating that the paper is served.

Moreover, a process server ensures that the legal process runs smoothly and efficiently.

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