Know The Job Functions Of A Process Server

Know The Job Functions Of A Process Server

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In general, the process servers are individuals who serve a subpoenaed person who has several documents stating when and why they should appear in court. This task may seem simple, but in reality, the process can be challenging and sometimes lengthy, as many people know they have a subpoena coming and will do all they can to dodge it.  Here are a few things you need to know about a process server services

  • A private investigator, lawyer, legal services firm, and others hire a civil process server to find a person and deliver documents to the person who has legal action against them.
  • Private process server near me performs a crucial step in the legal process since a person who is supposed to show up at a courthouse must first be served with specific serving court papers. If a person doesn’t receive these legal documents, it can delay a trial, resulting in very high legal fees, or the judge may reject the case.
  • A process server may research to find a particular person, and sometimes they do a little detective work if the person is trying to avoid being served.
  • If the process server finds the particular person, they must follow specific steps when serving the legal documents:
    • It must be in a public place.
    • The person must accept that they are the individual mentioned in the documents.
    • The individual being served must sign for the papers.
  • Process servers often work at different times of the day and travel to find the person who must be served. The individual may be upset and frustrated with the process server services.

Due to the process server’s challenging job, one’s legal process runs smoothly and efficiently.

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