PPServers – Your Reliable Legal Process Server

PPServers provides reliable legal process server service locally as well as nationwide. We have well-trained process servers who are competent about the law and understand the need for urgency when serving legal documents.

The need for a reliable legal document server cannot be met efficiently by people who are not dedicated to this service. For example, although you could use a sheriff to serve legal documents, they have other responsibilities that may distract them from diligently putting in effort toward serving the document.

PPServers, on the other hand, is a client service company that specializes in legal process serving so all our time and effort is dedicated toward handling your business and ensuring success. With a 92 percent success rate, we believe you can depend on us to get that document to the right person and within the shortest time.

Commitment to Client Satisfaction

It does not matter how far we have to travel or what time of the day we are called upon to provide legal filing service or any other service, we make a commitment towards ensuring the task is done by all legal means possible. We want to ensure that despite the stress involved in our client’s business, the legal process server is not one of the things they stress about.

Why should you Use a Legal Document Server? 

  • We deliver the legal document with urgency and we will try again if we do not find the recipient
  • We understand the legal process server laws in the areas we operate
  • When compared to the other options available, we have a much higher success rate
  • Process servers are customer-oriented businesses so our client’s needs are placed before anything else
  • In some states, it is a requirement that the person who carries out this service is certified and knowledgeable about the procedure.

How does it Work?

Our clients contact PPServers to serve legal documents to the other party involved in a legal proceeding. This could be a defendant, a witness or even an estranged spouse. The legal document server usually hands over the document in person to the concerned party in accordance with the federal regulations.

With just 3 simple steps, you can have your legal process serving done:

Step 1: You can get in touch with PPServers and give us details about the person who you intend to serve and the particulars of the document. We usually insist that the client is clear about the identity of the person, where they can be found and any details that will help the server find them.

Step 2: Once you have given us the order, we will pass on the document to the professional server nearest to the recipient. The Server will effect thelegal filing services and hand over the document to the concerned party according to the laws of the area in which they are being served. We can make as many as 3 attempts in a week to serve the document.

Step 3: We will provide you with proof of service by giving you an affidavit of service.

You can get in touch with us on phone, in person or even online and then make the order for service.


We would advise that you ask more than just one process service company for their price before you make a decision. The cost may vary according to the company that you use as well as what may be involved in serving the person involved. However, the average rate would be between 25 and 175 dollars depending on what the circumstances are and how many days will be involved.

PPServers is a process service company that employs a number of experienced and well-trained servers who will ensure that the job gets done as soon as possible. They have expert knowledge about the areas in which they operate and are available on call to perform their duty. Give us a call today and let us talk more about your legal process serving.


Should I hire a process server to serve my legal documents?

Hiring a process server is the most crucial step in proceeding with a court case. They have the required skills and experience to serve legal documents in accordance with the local and state process serving laws. Some of the requirements and constraints associated with judicial process serving are,

  • You cannot serve legal documents on Sundays or other important holidays.
  • In some states, you cannot serve papers to a person to be served when he or she is traveling to court.
  • The papers also cannot be served by individuals who are involved in the case or legal proceedings.

If the legal document is not served in accordance with the rules of the state law, it can result in the delay or dismissal of your case. Improper process service also delays the collection of evidence.

So, it’s vital to hire a professional legal process server to serve your legal documents to save your case.

Can I serve papers if I’m involved in the case?

According to the New York court system, any adult and organization listed in the case must be served with its own set of papers such as summons and complaint, a notice of petition and petition, a motion, and more. In New York, the person serving the documents must be 18 years old or older, and the person serving the papers is not allowed to serve more than five papers each year.

You cannot serve legal papers of a case that you are involved in. If legal papers are not delivered the way the law says, the papers may not count. The judge can call for the dismissal of the case if he or she thinks that the legal documents are not served by the legal document server in a proper way.

What are the don’ts for a legal process server?

A legal process server is entitled to deliver important legal documents to the defendant, and it’s certainly not an easy job. Depending on the location, civil process service has different regulations that help you to stay up to date with state and local laws as they are always changing. So, here we’ve listed a few things that a process server shouldn’t do.

  • When it comes to legal process serving, each state has different rules on how service can be made. So, don’t make guesses on the days services can be made, who can accept service, and how documents are handled. Check out the most current laws if you are unsure of the laws regarding process service.
  • Don’t open the mailbox or go through a stack of mail, even if the stack is in view.
  • You are bound by the laws that prevent you from breaking into and entering a residence or business illegally, even if someone refuses to come to the door or just doesn’t answer.

What are the requirements of a legal document server?

In the past, agents of the court, sheriffs, and deputies were responsible for delivering court documents, when process service first became a part of the legal process. Later, the Legislation was written to allow more people to provide court documents as these professionals had other duties and obligations besides process service.

  • A successful process server has practical experience with the law or criminal justice.
  • The process server must be 18 years old or older.
  • No degree is required.
  • Depending on the state you are serving documents, you may need to complete a training program to obtain a license or certification.
  • Must possess a driver’s license.
  • A legal process server should not have any criminal records.

What is legal process serving?

A legal process serving is a process in which the notification of actions or court includes delivery of summons, complaints, subpoenas, order to show cause, and writs against a party is made. It’s an essential aspect of Law, and the procedure and requirements may differ from state to state. Once the legal document is delivered to a person who is entitled to receive it, an Affidavit of Service, also called a Proof of Service, is notarized and given to the party who requested the service. In some cases, the legal papers can be faxed or mailed to the process server, but you’ll need to find out if the original papers need to be served.

Should a legal process server need to be licensed?

The license for the process server is not required by all the states, but some states require that process servers be registered in their county or state or appointed to serve in a specific county. So, when hiring a process server for legal process serving, you must ensure that the person you choose meets all federal and state requirements related to service of process.

New York does not have a statewide license requirement, but there are local process serving requirements.

  • The individuals serving the five boroughs area Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, and Queens must be licensed through the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs.
  • A Process Server Individual License is required for a person who serves five or more processes in any one-year period, for the areas that require licensing.
  • Attorneys admitted to practice in New York State and government employees that serve process as part of their job are exempt from this licensing requirement.

What kind of legal documents will a process server serve?

Some of the common documents served by a legal document server are,

  • Restraining Orders
  • Orders of Protection
  • Family Court Papers
  • Divorce
  • Dissolution
  • Custody Matters
  • Orders to Appear
  • Grandparental Rights Petitions
  • Civil Documents
  • Summons
  • Complaints

Small Claims and more

What is the cost of legal process serving?

The national average of a routine serve for a process serving is between $45 and $100. Our service fees differ for each location in the New York area, and the costs are listed below:

  • Standard service – $65 (Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Nassau County)
  • Standard Service –  $85   (Staten Island)
  • Standard Service –  $75   (Suffolk to Route 110)
  • Standard Service –  $85   (East of Route 110 to Riverhead)

Click https://ppservers.com/service-fees/ to find more.

Why to choose Preferred Process Servers, Inc for legal process serving?

Preferred Process Servers, Inc is a company with a huge client base, yet able to personally attend to any individuals legal needs with the utmost attention and precision. Here are a few reasons to choose us for your legal process serving.

  • We provide custom services the suits the needs and requirements of the client & the law.
  • We provide 24/7 access to check the status of your claim by just logging into your private client portal. You can also check up to date resources, informative articles, create processes and services to reach your goal, and track it all the way to the finish line.
  • We have a team to ensure the ethical standards are met and services are given within the boundaries of the law and regulations.
  • Quick response time and accessible both on online platforms and our offices.

What are electronic legal filing services?

Electronic legal filing services are the process of submitting your paperwork for your legal case. In other words, the automated transmission of legal documents from an attorney, party or self-represented litigant to a court, to another attorney or other user of legal documents. Since there are deadlines to file legal paperwork in a court system, this process is very important and must be done on time. Moreover, you must also ensure that a case is filed within its statute of limitations. Contact us if you need help filing your court documents.