Navigating The Maze

Navigating The Maze

When legal offices need to keep things moving smoothly along, they rely on us as an expert partner and stakeholders through certain kinds of legal processes. We take pride in being able to offer secure results and put people’s minds at ease about delivering papers to recipients. 


The reality is that when you have to track people down for legal purposes, you need a team with a unique toolset and approach. It’s not just a matter of looking in a Rolodex or the Yellow Pages, and summoning an individual to court or to a deposition or hearing in an imperial way. 


There’s a lot more involved, which is why smart law firms contract with us for process serving and more.


Finding Individuals on the Street


In a lot of cases, process serving is a multistep process, and something that process servers need to know something about. 


It requires understanding how to get personal data both online and off-line, and go to where people tend to be, in order to effectively serve them with papers.


Most people have a paper trail, which is part of the equation when you’re dealing with things like serving legal papers. It’s related to their jobs or their homes or their families in most cases. But doing that research gets easier when you have acquired skills and experience along the way. When a person has done this for a while, they uncover efficiencies in how they work. They become more effective. 


Other Services


We also offer skip tracing and more. We’re knowledgeable about the lay of the land and the local economy, including competing law firms and bail bondsman offices.


We also know what a person’s typical behavior looks like when they’re trying to avoid being served papers. Not everyone is a passive recipient, and people can sometimes go dark or go underground in order to try to avoid being served.


If you are a law firm with a specific need for process serving personnel and related services, talk to us about setting up an effective contract for your legal purposes. Just like a bailiff or a constable, a process server is a person who plays a significant role in many different types of legal scenarios and case resolution.


We take that seriously here at Preferred Process Servers, Inc. as we work with law firms and others to create effective solutions. Let’s talk about how to get papers where they need to be in your community!