Process Server – Things You Ought To Know!

Process Server – Things You Ought To Know!

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Having your legal documents served is an integral part of the litigation process, and many people may not know how to hire a process server or know about them. Here, we have mentioned a few things you need to know about the process servers.

Civil process server

Like Process Servers, a civil process server is responsible for serving an individual or person involved in a civil court case. The work of the civil server is limited to civil matters. He does not serve or deliver documents pertaining to criminal cases. The server undergoes training in this field, and he is able to carry out all tasks related to his area of expertise in civil matters.

Special Process Server

A special process server is a private process server hired by a party in a lawsuit to do a yeoman’s job in the procedure of serving court papers. Special process servers are often hired to carry out special court assignments. Unlike the general court process server, special servers are skilled in one kind of court case or the other. They do not engage in general process serving services.

Process Server Notice

A process server notice is a legal document, which can be in the form of writs, complaints, or other legal documents, served to a defendant or person caught up in a legal matter. The notice is served to inform the defendant of the initial lawsuit filed against him by another party through an order from the court.

Legal Process Server

A legal process server is a private individual, group of persons, company, or law firm hired to carry out the task of serving court papers and legal documents to an individual who is drawn in a lawsuit. The legal process server carries out several functions, including filing court documents, retrieving legal papers, and serving process documents.

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