Our Service Fees

When you think about Process Server Services the next thing that comes up is how much it will cost. Yes, legal services can be expensive but this is not always true. Our rates are affordable with quality services.  When it comes to payment, we make sure that you get countless channels to submit it. Because of this, we use Square payment platform which makes payment process easy, quick, and painless.

We accept most major credit cards.  Technology is part of our DNA and so online payments are acceptable.

We pride in giving Process Server solutions within a budget that our clients are comfortable with. Our team and equipment are ready and capable to handle every task you approach with.

Once you have made your payments, they are instantly reflected on our side and so you will not get delayed. Every service takes as little time as possible. We are not the firm that keeps you waiting for days when you need your work done now. Because of our swift and secure systems we are able to deal with clients on a rush and daily basis.

Honesty is also very central to our operations we do not charge more than we ask for initially. Our quotations are clearly laid down in writing so that you can see the charges for the service you are looking for. You can see them clearly structured below.

Our Individual Rates

We have ensured that our services are affordable and accessible to as many as possible.  PLEASE NOTE, Price includes 3 attempts of service at one given address.  Service is not Guaranteed. No Refunds!

The following are the charges for our services:

For Bulk Pricing Please Contact Us

As you can see above our fees are reasonably affordable. Even though the services are charged at low rates, we do not compromise on the quality. This is unlike others who charge low rates to offer substandard services or charge ridiculously high to serve you well. To take advantage of our favorable rates, come earlier to avoid the rush for same day services.