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  • Process Server Services

    When we serve we make sure you get the best from us. We offer the following services in all the 50 states including serving legal documents like writ, nonpayment notices, citations, complaint, subpoena, eviction notices, motion, summons and the rest. We go ahead and do all kinds of legal actions including foreclosure, personal injury, landlord and tenant, surrogate court matter, matrimonial, family court among others. We ensure documents are delivered to the intended destination. This is done on a personal level or through any other legal channels available.

    Below are brief explanations about the services we offer:

    Court Filing

    This is what you need to do for a legal action initiation. It basically means submitting documents to the courts at the desk of the clerk in order to be officially considered and preserve a spot in the records. We purchase index numbers, file documents and affidavits, retrieve and copy files. These together with other essential activities and documents complete the court filing procedure. We also offer same day filings in all Five Borough’s of NYC and Nassau and Suffolk Counties as well.

    Electronic Filing

    We also do document filing through electronic means. We incorporate scanning and even ensure hardcopy submissions are made if necessary.

    Free Pick-Ups in Queens & Nassau County

    Secretary of State Service

    We serve authorized persons with the secretary of state services. All you need is a fee and the document (2 copies).

    Skip Tracing

    Skip tracing is finding someone that seems impossible to find when they need to be served with the documents. We collect information of a person that needs to be traced and narrow down to the most relevant information to the precise location through analysis, reduction, and verification.

    Service Process

    With 50 years of experience, we give services to literary everyone. Be it a politician, a celebrity or any person needing legal help.

    We cover various services. Whether subpoena, landlord-tenant proceeding or family action. Every document falls under its specific rules the processes. We are knowledgeable on all these matters legal and so expect nothing from us except the best.

    We cover federal, civil, state, and family court issues with excellence. We practice due diligence to ensure all is delivered on time. All the documents are important and so receive utmost service.

    Our services are not limited to specific areas in the United States. We have affiliates in all 50 states where you can easily access us. This is made possible especially because we are affiliated with reputable firms.

    There is no doubt that we beat deadlines. Do you want it done in 30 days or just 90 minutes? It will surely be well done and delivered thanks to our efficient teams. All these are done within the boundaries of the law. Our ability, experience, and knowledge don’t allow room for errors.