Skip Tracing – A Bit About What’s Involved

Skip Tracing – A Bit About What’s Involved

Today let’s talk a little bit more about the process of skip tracing in the process serving industry.

You’re looking for a person – that much is clear. But how do you find that person? Can you find anybody?

Most of us have an intuitive understanding that most people can be found – but we feel like there’s some portion of people who are just beyond the beck and call of the Internet or social media.

The reality is that with the right tools and resources, you can find just about anyone in today’s digital world.

And if you can’t locate them through some kind of digital footprint, you can sometimes track them down on the street. You can also use a hybrid approach, if you’re a pro who knows how that sort of thing works.

Here is a collection of some of the methods that professionals use to achieve skip tracing results.

Deep Internet Searches

Basically, if the person you are looking for owns property, he or she will be discoverable that way.

There’s also the obits – how does this work? When someone dies, people often list their surviving family members and where they live. So that’s a good start for skip tracing on paper.

On the Street

If you can’t get what you need with a direct web search, then you can combine that with some street-level research.

Sometime skip tracers end up getting information on associates or friends of that person, or family members, and then tracking those people down in person. With the right kind of social approach, they can often get more supplementary information about where their target person may be. When they have secured that initial information, the Internet search may become more fruitful, too.

There’s a general understanding to in the legal world that skip tracing is a necessary thing to track down people for the purposes of legal processes like process serving. So it’s not just harassment – there’s a real objective there.

We can talk a lot more about skip tracing and process serving, but what people need to know is that a professional company is here to help you with whatever you’re facing in terms of tracking down hard to reach individuals. We know the bail system, the paper system and the street system by heart, and we know how to work tirelessly for our clients to get results. Contact us for help with skip tracing or serving papers, and we’ll get the job done.