Skip Tracing: An Essential Component of Successful Process Serving

Skip Tracing: An Essential Component of Successful Process Serving

Skip tracing is a critical step in the process serving industry. This method involves locating a person who cannot be found at their usual places, often because they are avoiding legal action. Process servers in New York City use skip tracing to track down individuals to deliver important legal documents.

The goal is to inform these individuals about legal proceedings involving them. We aim to make process serving easy for our clients. We use various tools, like skip tracing, to serve legal documents promptly.

Here is why skip tracking is a vital component in successful process serving.

Locating Elusive Defendants

Skip tracing is a process used to locate people who are hard to find because they may not want to be served with legal papers. Process servers use skip tracing to figure out the current address, place of work, or other spots where the person might be. This helps to get the legal documents to the person quickly and ensures they are aware of the legal case they are involved in.

It’s like a professional game of hide and seek, where process servers use their skills and tools to find the person avoiding them. These tools include databases, public records, social media, and other resources to track down the individual’s current location.

Cross-Checking Information

Cross-checking information is like doing homework to make sure everything matches up. When process servers do skip tracing, they’re like detectives. They don’t just look in one place to find someone; they check many places. They look at lists and databases that might have information about where someone lived before, where they work now, or even where they hang out.

By comparing the details from one place to another, they can be more sure they have the right person. It’s important because sometimes people have the same name, or their information has changed. When process servers cross-check, they can see if the details match across different sources. If everything lines up, they know they have found the correct person.

Adhering to Legal Standards

Skip tracing also shows that process servers in New York City are making real efforts to reach the person face-to-face, which is the fair and right way to do it according to the law. If they can’t find the person after trying hard, they can use other ways to deliver the legal papers.

This ensures that everyone plays by the rules and that the person being served gets a fair chance to know about the legal action. It’s important because the law wants people to have the opportunity to respond to a lawsuit or legal issue involving them.

It’s Time to Hire Our Process Servers in New York City!

Our process servers in New York City have the skills and experience to navigate through skip tracing. They know how to use available resources to their advantage and can find elusive defendants quickly.