Skip Tracing

When you cannot seem to find the person you are looking for and have no clue where to start, we are available to find them for you. Skip tracing is an art of locating a person when they need to be served the documents. We do information collection as much as we can access about the individual. After collecting the information we analyze, reduce and verify it to remain with the relevant information to trace the individual.

We have experienced personnel that are well equipped with modern skip tracing technology and with knowledge at their fingertips to do this activity effectively. These teams have access to public information about people and can easily trace people within a few minutes of search.

Skip tracing is an additional strategy and tool that helps us optimize the value of our services for our clients. With this tool, we are capable of saving time that would be otherwise wasted and still do it professionally. Yes, it is true that some situations make the finding difficult but it is a relief that we have conquered even more challenging situations. We apply our sophisticated and lawful methods for your papers to be served to the right person and on time.

Here are some of the methods we use to trace people who are not available to be served.

Department of Motor Vehicles Search (DMV)

We maintain an association with the department of motor vehicles search (DMV) to help find people. Often, the address listing in the DMS is the legal address of the person and where they actually live. The law requires that if they want to switch to a new residence, they need to make the changes in the DMV list. If they fail to do this within 10 days they will lose the legitimacy as the owners of this residence.

The Records According to the Drivers License

With this, you can search by using the date of birth and name of the individual. Keying in a few characters of ones’ name will roll a list of names — if it is a common name. Because of this, the date of birth becomes necessary for a quick search.

The Records of the Vehicle

With this, we search the plate numbers, VIN, the name of the owner, and ID numbers just the same way we handle the drivers’ license records.

Postal Searches

In this search we contact the postal office inquiring the last address that is known to the individual we are attempting to trace. We then expect four responses from the postal offices; confirmation, unconfirmed, forwarded addresses or lack of information completely about our search. The information we get then gives us the direction on what to do next.

A Search through the Public Database

Personal information in the public databases can help in tracing a person just like a physical address or date of birth. When someone makes subscription and other transactions their information is automatically uploaded to public databases which can be retrieved to find their current information/location.