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  • Why You Should Not Avoid A Process Server?

    Why You Should Not Avoid A Process Server?

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    If anyone is looking to sue you, obtain child support, divorce you, or any other legal issues, they may be taking effort to have the papers served on you. A private process server can be hired to serve the papers on you in a legal manner and track you down. On the other hand, you may go out of your way to avoid the process server, if you are aware that someone is looking to serve you. You may think that you can avoid being sued if you cannot be served by a private process server near me, but this is not true.

    Avoiding a process server in court or in public makes the suing process a bit more challenging for the person bringing legal action against you. But it cannot stop the proceedings. If the person trying to sue you prove the judge that they have made many attempts to serve you, but couldn’t do so, a judge may provide a few other options for them to serve you.

    • The judge may allow the papers to be left at your business or home with any competent person over the age of 18, if you avoid the private process server.
    • The judge may allow the summons to be mailed to your home or business address via certified mail.
    • If either of these methods fails, the judge may give permission to the person looking to take legal action against you to post notices in local newspapers.

    There is a myth that legal action cannot be taken against you if you avoid an independent process server. This is not true. It simply puts off the inevitable and drags it out a big longer. As such, you have nothing to gain by avoiding being served.

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